Streamlines budget, forecast & planning processes

Planacy is fully customizable for your business, processes and needs – no matter your industry.

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What type of company is Planacy suited for?

Our customers are often medium sized or large companies from various industries. Their needs and processes vary, but they generally need support for a number of planning processes where many people are involved.

Fully customizable

Fully customized for your business, your processes and needs – no matter which industry you are in.

Fast implementation

Fast implementation, unique database architecture, configurability and seamless integrations.


Time-efficient implementations, low management costs and high flexibility generates high ROI.

The Product

Planacy is a modern and innovative platform for budget, forecasts and planning which gives you a simplified process with higher value.

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Here's a short demonstration of Planacy.

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A selection of our customers

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"Planacy has simplified our forward-looking analyses. We used to have a process that was very dependent on individuals and a lot of time was spent on administrating and updating templates. Now, we create our financial budget in Planacy, which includes a sales budget broken down by concept, channel, market and cost center."

Mia Arnelund
CFO at Filippa K

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"Planacy has created the right conditions for us at Clear Channel Sweden to work in a more structured way and get a more perspicuous overview of our budgeting and forecasting. The implementation was fast and efficient. We reached the time- and budget goals for the project, largely thanks to the possibility to start off with a simple base level that we continuously improve, in example by implementing a more detailed HR- and staff module. We have now decided to implement Planacy in our other offices in Scandinavia."

Björn Fröblom
FP&A at Clear Channel Scandinavia

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"We chose Planacy based on the combination of simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency. Planacy is a platform that supports our business and that will be able to grow together with us."

Olof Andersson
CFO at Kvdbil

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Integrate Planacy with your BI platform for a complete solution

Planacy can be integrated with the markets leading business intelligence tools such as QlikView®, Qlik Sense®, Tableau® and Microsoft Power BI®. This gives you a cohesive solution for budget, forecasts, planning, analysis and reporting. Planacy can also be integrated with Excel.

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By integrating Planacy with your BI you take advantage of your previous investments. With a seamlessly integrated platform for data model as well as analysis and follow-up, you reduce implementation time, maintenance and management while also simplifying your financial or operational planning process with increased quality.

Integrate Planacy with Business Intelligence

Why should you invest in a planning platform?

With a system for budget, forecast and planning you can work more effectively with your operational and financial planning.

You'll reduce time-consuming, manual and repetitive work and get a much higher level of collaboration – while the quality and security is increased. A planning platform also allows you to quickly adapt as the outside world and circumstances change.

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