Simplifying data-driven financial planning

Become more efficient and data-driven with Planacy. Our platform is fully customizable for your unique business, processes and needs – no matter your industry.

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Which type of company is Planacy suited for?

Planacy is the markets leading best-of-breed platform for data-driven budget, forecast and planning. Today, we streamline planning processes for over 100 medium sized and large companies from various industries. Their needs and processes vary, but they generally need support for a number of driver-based planning processes where many people are involved.

Fully customizable

Fully customized for your business, your processes and needs – no matter which industry you are in.

Fast implementation

Fast implementation, unique database architecture, configurability and seamless integrations.


A more efficient, data-driven and automated process improves quality and creates more value for your business. 


Experience how it feels to work in Planacy in this short demo. To watch more demos of specific processes in Planacy, click below.

Planacy demos

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The Product

Planacy is a powerful and fully configurable platform for data-driven budget, forecast and planning. With modern web technology and powerful features, Planacy simplifies the work process for both users and administrators. 

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Integrate Planacy with Excel or your BI

Integrate Planacy with Excel or the markets leading business intelligence (BI) tools such as QlikView®, Qlik Sense®, Tableau® and Microsoft Power BI® to get a cohesive solution for budget, forecasts, planning, analysis and reporting.

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With a seamlessly integrated platform for data model as well as analysis and follow-up, you reduce implementation time, maintenance and management while also simplifying your financial or operational planning process with increased quality.

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Why should you invest in a planning platform?

With a modern system for budget, forecast and planning you can make your operational and financial planning more efficient and data-driven.

You'll reduce time-consuming, manual and repetitive work, increase the quality of your work and control over your processes. Automatically gathered reference data, automatic forecast proposals, rolling forecasts and scenario planning also enable you to quickly adapt as the outside world and circumstances change.

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