Simplifying data-driven financial planning

Work more efficient and data-driven with your budgeting, forecasting and financial planning with Planacy. Reduce the time put on manual administration, improve the engagement and accountability and increase the quality over the financial outlook

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With Planacy, a leading platform for data-driven budget, forecast and financial planning, you minimise the time put on manual planning and the headache that comes with it. We streamline and make the financial planning processes for both growth companies and SME’s, from various industries, more efficient. With a powerful technology and customisable modules, we enable a driver-based and more continuous work with financial planning with a higher engagement and accountability within the organisation. 



With innovative technology and customisable modules, Planacy optimise and streamline your financial planning processes.  



Make your budgeting, forecasting, and planning more efficient with our intuitive interface and powerful features for automated and driver-based planning.   


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Get started in a couple of weeks! Reduce the administrative tasks, and increase your engagement, ownership, and frequency for a more well-functioning strategic instrument. 


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Watch our short demo and see how you can simplify and streamline a more data-driven work with financial planning. 

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Driver based forecasting 

Working data-driven in necessary to increase comprehension and the engagement within the organisation. With a higher degree of transparency and an understanding of what drive income and costs, the quality of the financial plans increases together with the organisation's accountability over the financial goals and forecasts. 

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A financial totality 

With Planacy, you get driver-based forecasting with a higher engagement and accountability, together with a streamlined financial totality with a continuously updated cash flow forecast. You increase the control over the financial totality down to account level for P&L and Balance Sheet and an automated calculated cash flow.   

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Automated and predictive forecasting 

Go beyond the limits of manual planning with our smart integrated automation features. Automatically roll-forward your plans with new actuals, create forecast suggestions or set up alternative simulations.  

With statistical predictive analytics you assess trends and patterns in your historical data in order to get accurate forecast suggestions. 

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Scenario planning 

With Planacy, you reduce the time put on administrative tasks and enable a more sophisticated work with alternative scenarios. Work top-down, bottom-up or with a combination of them both. With a click, you can create different scenarios to twist and turn different outcomes and consequently make better financial and strategic decisions.  

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Rolling forecast 

Work with the forecasting method that suits your organisation the best: by calendar year, dynamic length or completely rolling. With Planacy, you can create a process that enables a continuously updated financial forecast, whether you forecast for 12 months or years ahead. 

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Powerful modules   

With a reliable and configurable best-practice planning module for the most common processes and forecasting methods, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. With Planacy, you get a future-safe platform to grow with that can be implemented and fully customised for your organisation and process in matter of weeks. 

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