About Planacy

Our Vision!

Planacy is a best-of-breed planning platform for data-driven budgeting and forecasting. The company is run by a motivated and passionate team with a vision to contribute to more successful companies by simplifying more data-driven and continuous planning processes.

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Our Story

Planacy was founded in 2015, after years of agile product development, testing and close dialogues with financial officers, controllers and business managers at various companies. Since then, we have continued to develop our innovative and powerful platform and over 100 companies in the Nordics have chosen Planacy in order to become more data-driven and work more continuously with their budget, forecast and planning processes.

With a broad partner network and innovative plattform, Planacy has been established as the leading best-of- breed system on the Scandinavian market.

We are constantly growing and looking for motivated people who’d like to join our team, and partners who want to become more successful together with us.

The Team

Eleonora W. Bladh

Content & Marketing Coordinator

Elisabet N. Innala

Head of Marketing

Emelie Svensson

Head of Customer & Planning Success

Frans Boström

Head of Expert Service & BI-Integration

Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård


Jonas Kilström

Business Process & Solution Architect

Mikael Edh


Niklas Frost


Patrik Hogler

Frontend Developer

Peter Mattsson

Business Developer & Planning Specialist

Robin Westermark

Sales Executive

Tobias Engström

Software Architect

Tom Sökjer

Senior Software Developer

Torun Axelius

Business Process & Solution Architect

Ulf Andersson

Business Process & Solution Architect

Doris Frost

Mood Manager

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