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We’re an engaged team passionate about making data-driven work with financial planning more efficient and value-creating 


Our vision  

Planacy is a best-of-breed platform for data-driven budget, forecast and planning. With a passionate and entrepreneurial team as our foundation - an innovative and powerful technical platform as our means – we want to keep developing and offering the leading platform for data-driven, predictive and continuous financial planning. With higher engagement and quality, we contribute to better planned and more successful businesses and organisations 

The team

We’re a young SaaS company founded in 2015 in Stockholm. With our innovative platform and the most progressive partner network on the market combined with the team's collected competence, we’ve taken a leading position in Sweden. Our goal is now to become a category leader in Europe.   

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The State of Corporate Financial Planning

At the beginning of 2022, we made an analysis that resulted in the report The State Of Corporate Financial Planning – a mapping, current situation analysis and future scouting of Swedish companies and businesses working with financial planning 2022.  

The report aims to contribute to Swedish companies' economic functions by having the necessary knowledge to impact, transfer, develop and optimise financial management.   

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The Team

Eleonora W. Bladh

Content & Marketing Coordinator

Elisabet N. Innala

Head of Marketing

Emelie Svensson

Head of Customer & Planning Success

Erik Gidlund


Frans Boström

Head of Solution & Platform Experts

Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård


Jonas Kilström

Solution & Platform Expert

Linda Lokén

Sales Executive

Mikael Edh


Niklas Frost


Patrik Hogler

Frontend Developer

Paulina Nilsson

Implementation Specialist

Robin Westermark

Sales Executive

Tobias Engström

Software Architect

Tom Sökjer

Senior Software Developer

Torun Axelius

Solution & Platform Expert

Ulf Andersson

Solution & Platform Expert

Doris Frost

Mood Manager

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