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“We chose Planacy because of the simplicity, flexibility and cost-efficiency.”

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– As we grew, we needed a higher level of traceability and security, which we now have with Planacy.

“We are very pleased with Planacy. Excel worked well for a long time, but as we grew, it quickly became inefficient. In Planacy, we get a completely different traceability, a faster process and we can also work with version management. ”

Patrik Brodin
Director of Strategy & Business Control at Office Management

Office Management

Office Management's entry into Planacy was the budget process, but today they also have an ongoing forecasting process for their income statement and sales process, and they also manage administrative structures and hierarchies. In addition, they have integrated Planacy with their BI system.

Office Managements is an advisory service company in everything related to your workplace. In order to be able to offer tomorrow's solutions, they look at future trends and can thus create the best conditions for well-being, cooperation and communication in the workplace.

Actic Group

Actic is a leading wellness and fitness chain with 180 facilities and 228 000 members in four countries. Actic needed a system that would reduce administration and streamline their planning process for all of their facilities. 

With Planacy, Actic has left a time-consuming budget process behind for a faster and more flexible process through rolling forecasts. Among other things, they can now easily generate forecast proposals for their different facilities. Planacy’s platform manages multiple processes for Actic, such as membership revenue, rental and staff costs, as well as currency management.

actic logga

– Planacy has helped our financial department to take control of the forecast process.

“With Planacy we now work iteratively with rolling forecasts. We have created a homogeneous work method and now work in the same way in every facility. We have also reduced administrative work for employees in the operational part of our business.”

Martin Lundqvist
Head of Business Controlling at Actic Group

– We have full control and can make proactive decisions.

”We used to manage everything in Excel, but now with a planning tool the actual data and forecasts are integrated so we have full control and can make proactive decisions. Plus, the system isn't just set up based on the opinions of management – the operative part of our organization have greatly influenced the content and user interface, which has been very successful.“

Magnus Ekström
CFO at Besqab


Besqab was founded in 1989 and their business idea is to develop new homes with knowledge and understanding of how people live their lives. For a housing developer like Besqab, the financial planning process is as complex as it is business critical.

Besqab use Planacy for their financial budget and fixed forecasts, as well as their rolling financial and operative planning. The main sub-processes are building projects and investments. They have also integrated Planacy with Qlik Sense for a cohesive solution for budget, forecasting, planning and reporting and analysis.

Clear Channel

Clear Channel has left a time consuming and insecure process in Excel in favor for a more perspicuous and structured budgeting and forecasting process in Planacy.

Clear Channel uses Planacy for account and expense budgeting on many dimensions, together with a detailed staff budgeting.

Clear channel logo

– Planacy has created the right conditions for us at Clear Channel Sweden to work in a more structured way and get a more perspicuous overview of our budgeting and forecasting.

“The implementation was fast and efficient. We reached the time- and budget goals for the project, largely thanks to the possibility to start off with a simple base level that we continuously improve, in example by implementing a more detailed HR- and staff module. We have now decided to implement Planacy in our other offices in Scandinavia.”

Björn Fröblom
FP&A at Clear Channel Scandinavia
Filippa K logga

– Planacy has simplified our forward-looking analyses.

“We used to have a process that was very dependent on individuals and a lot of time was spent on administrating and updating templates. Now, we create our financial budget in Planacy, which includes a sales budget broken down by concept, channel, market and cost center.”

Craig Erdrich
Group Business Controller på Filippa K

Filippa K

The international fashion brand Filippa K used to have an Excel-based budget process that was very time consuming and dependent on individuals. Now they use Planacy for their ongoing forecasts and they can work more efficiently with their forward-looking analyses.

Filippa K is a clothing brand that was founded in Stockholm in 1993. Today it has grown to be an internationally recognized brand offering a global perspective on conscious consumption.

Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain which was founded in 1997. They deliver clothes to more than 30 countries, they have over 150 stores in Scandinavia and more than 1500 employees. This often leads to advanced purchasing and forecasting processes. 

Gina Tricot chose Planacy to simplify and streamline their work with purchasing and warehouse forecasts. They have also integrated Planacy with Qlik Sense for a cohesive solution. Gina Tricot use Planacy for the annal budget as well as fixed and rolling forecast. The long-term plan for their Planacy platform is to streamline one process at a time to connect everything into one ensemble.


– We needed one truth and one truth only, not several different truths depending on who’s presenting.

"With Planacy, we want to reduce the usage of Excel and create faster and more efficient processes that we can successively build on, until the entire financial planning puzzle is complete."

Joachim Modigh
CFO at Gina Tricot

– Planacy has increased our quality of work.

“With Planacy, we can now focus on analyzing and questioning input and outcome instead of consolidating data in Excel with the traditional ‘Copy/Paste’ method. Planacy enables us to work more efficiently with analysis and forecasting.”

Tobias Alvers
Business Controller at Haglöfs


The European brand for exercise- and outdoor clothing, Haglöfs, needed a flexible planning platform that could be configured and customized for their business and planning process – something which their older system could not.

With Planacy, Haglöfs now has a flexible and scalable platform for their different business areas. Planacy manages the planning process for sale, costs, staff and drivers for the P&L.

HSB ProjektPartner

HSB ProjektPartners is one of Sweden's leading housing developers. Their process for budgeting and forecasting is complex and highly critical for the business, and that’s why they need a flexible platform that can handle complexity.

When HSB ProjektPartner decided to replace their old solution from Mercur, they chose Planacy as their budgeting and forecasting solution and integrated it with Qlik Sense for follow-up and analysis. With Planacy they now have a flexible solution for planning which supports multiple budget processes and the main process; project budgeting of new constructions with driving logic for successive profit settlement.

– Planacy feels fresh and user friendly.

“We are now taking advantage of this investment to become more efficient and flexible in our budget and forecasting process.”

Robert Nauclér
Business Controller at HSB ProjektPartner

– We chose Planacy based on the combination of simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency.

"Planacy is a platform that supports our business and that will be able to grow together with us.”

Olof Andersson
CFO at Kvdbil


Kvdbil needed a flexible planning platform that could be customized for their business and processes – a system which simplifies and streamlines the time end users and administrators spend budgeting and forecasting.

In Planacy, Kvdbil works with a customized process for budgeting used cars that drive revenue and costs to the P&L budget, together with driver-based staff budgeting for all employees.

Mercuri Urval

In order to better plan and manage their consultancy operations in accordance with set objectives, Mercuri Urval chose to implement Planacy as an operational planning and business support system.

They previously managed this in Excel and a customer-unique system. Now, the process in Planacy has been broadened to also support, improve and streamline planning and forecasting of their consultants and vendors' customer engagement and sales.

Mercuri logga

– We are very impressed with the speed of the work and the quality delivered by the consultants.

“The implementation of Planacy for our sales planning was incredibly quick. From idea to deployment in just a few weeks. The solution is now used by over 400 users who plan their sales for both teams and individuals.”

Luting Mao
Head of Group Control at Mercuri Urval

– The biggest value with Planacy is the security it provides in the numbers.

“Planacy and MillnetBi have also been two of the few suppliers that actually kept what they promised when they delivered on time and kept the costs according to the set estimate.”

Camilla Molin
Controller at Wise Group

Wise Group

Before, Wise Group used numerous Excel sheets to create their budget and forecasts. They lacked a functioning workflow, while the spread sheets were advanced and complex.

With Planacy they still have a complex budget and forecast process, but it’s now easy to administer and use. Thanks to a great number of driver-based templates for sales, staff and sub-consultants that goes in the right account and cost centers, Planacy has made Wise Groups budgeting and forecasting easier.


YrkesAkademin was founded in 1997 and today, they’re Sweden's largest supplier of labor market training. Planacy has given them a user-friendly and cohesive solution which simplifies continuous work with budget, forecast and planning, as well as analysis and reporting.

In Planacy they work with budgeting, rolling forecasts and operative planning processes. The sub-processes they manage in Planacy are P&L budgeting, sales budgeting, HR- and staff budgeting, central cost allocation and activity planning.


– Planacy is perceived as user-friendly and the system simplifies our operative planning.

”The integration to QlikSense allows for quick access to the most important operative and financial key numbers, which enables constant improvements of YrkesAkademins business and results. The feedback from our staff has been highly positive.”

Antti Rokala
CFO at YrkesAkademin

Which type of company is Planacy suited for?

Planacy is the markets leading best-of-breed platform for budget, forecast and planning. Today, we streamline planning processes for over 100 medium sized and large companies from various industries. Their needs and processes vary, but they generally need support for a number of planning processes where many people are involved.

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