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About Planacy

Planacy is a SaaS company modeled after our vision to streamline more collaborative work with financial planning and thus, contribute to more successful and better planned businesses. We do this by simplifying and adding value to budget, forecast and planning processes.

With a broad partner network and the most innovative and powerful platform on the market, we have established ourselves as the leading best-of-breed planning platform on the market. With a consistent focus on simplicity, scalability and growth, we have intensified development to reach our goal of becoming a listed, leading company on the European market.

Become a Shareholder

During the fall of 2020 Planacy AB  carried through a new shares issue via Pepins Group AB. Trading in the owner company Planacy Partners Sweden AB will occur on four occations via Pepins Market. Preliminary start is Q1 2021.

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– Planacy is driven by passion!

”With an innovative platform and dedicated partners we contribute to better planned and more successful companies. Together, we're building a scalable, Swedish SaaS company with appealing growth, profitability and valuation”.

Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård

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