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A entreprenurial and passionate Swedish SaaS-company  

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About Planacy

Planacy is a Swedish SaaS-company developed to make data-driven and predictive work with financial planning more efficient. We contribute to better planned and more successful companies and businesses through qualitative and value-adding work with financial planning and management.

With a competent and passionate team, a comprehensive and progressive partner network and an innovative powerful platform, in combination with a unbeatable onbarding and time-to-value, we've established ourselves as the leading best-of-breed platform for budget, forecast and planning on the Swedish market. With a focus on simplicity, scalability and growth, we've intensified the development in order to become a category leader in the European market.   

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Planacy is founded and operates by experienced and strong entrepreneurs and founders. Since 2020 close to 10% of the ownership is located at the platform of Pepins, where the stock can be traded four times a year. Join the journey!  

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– Planacy is driven by passion!

“With a innovative platform and dedicated partners, we contribute to better planned and more successful companies. Together we build a scalable, Swedish SaaS company with an attractive growth, profitability and valuation”.  

Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård

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