For us at Planacy, the best-of-breed strategy is central. In 2013, when we saw the need of and begun to develop our product, only a bunch of older CPM systems existed (apart from Excel) within budget and forecasting. They used inflexible tech which sought to solve everything – which didn’t solve anything in an optimal way.

So why isn’t it good to solve everything with one system?

Imagine that you’re buying a car. The car has to be able to transport your entire family to your everyday activities, weekend chores and holidays. Sometimes, you also need to be able to transport some big and heavy objects. Therefore, your choice falls on a big pickup truck, where your whole family can fit (even if it might be a bit uncomfortable in the cramped backseat), it transports you safely and you can also swing by that big department store and pick up the new furniture you just purchased.

But is a pickup really what you need?

best-of-breed vs CPM

The pickup ticks a lot of boxes, yes, but it’s also often far too big and awkward, which for example can be a pain when you’re overtaking a car on a country road or trying to find parking. The comfort isn’t as good as it is in other vehicles and you pay for features that you don’t use all of the time. Plus, it consumes a whole lot of energy.

Isn’t a modern electric car with nice comfort, safety and luggage space actually much more suitable?

It might not be cheaper, but the operational- and maintenance costs are lower. It’s also equipped with the latest technology which makes the ride much safer and autonomous. If the car has a towbar, it can also transport bigger things when needed.

For a lot of people, it’s probably a given to choose the modern electric car, but when it comes to software- and system investments that’s actually not always the case. Strikingly often, people want the system they’re purchasing to solve all of their problems – and just as strikingly often things don’t quite work out the way they imagined. Similarly, the pickup will work just fine but it will never be as good as you imagined it would be.

100% focus with best-of-breed

Best-of-breed systems don’t try to do it all but are more like electrical cars – they have a 100% focus on being the best within their field. This focus entails a clear strategy where all resources are invested in developing, optimizing and refining the product to deliver maximum customer value. You get a more smooth and pleasant experience and a more cost-efficient ride than you would have gotten with the pickup – plus, it’s much easier to optimize your journey and drive past your competitors.

For this reason, best-of-breed budget, forecast and planning doesn’t offer solutions for business intelligence, but just like you can connect a trailer to your electrical car, you can connect your best-of-breed system to the markets leading BI-systems. In today’s reality with amazing opportunities to integrate products with likeminded strategies you can therefore get the best from multiple worlds and a 100% focus on the customer promise.

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But isn’t it cheaper to get a pickup than to buy or rent a trailer as well?

Yes. At least, it can be perceived that way, but the maintenance of the pickup is much more expensive, and it needs more frequent service than the electrical car. Also, imagine that you bought your pickup truck from the local car dealership that has their own production with both workshop and manufacturing under the same roof. They know their car – better than any other car dealership know their cars. Plus, they can promise you great response time and level of service without involving another party. Sounds great, right?

The problem with a local workshop that build their own cars is that you have nowhere else to take your car if they do a poor job since no one else is able or allowed to service it. Because of this, it’s not uncommon that the car dealerships invoices are unnecessarily expensive – they know that you need your car and that no one else can service or repair it.

With best-of-breed, you can optimize your trip and get ahead of your competitors

In 2013, the leading platforms for business intelligence platforms had begun to transform follow-up, reporting and analysis by delivering an unbeatable value to their customers. With Planacy, we’re doing the same thing for budgeting and forecasting. We’re the modern electrical car with innovative technology and unbeatable aerodynamic which you can easily integrate with your BI-system. We enable you to take full advantage of your powerful BI and offer you – with a 100% focus – a more efficient, streamlined, automated and value-creating budget- and forecasting process.

The 100% focus on creating the best product is especially important within our field, because the broader a product is, the more complex the implementation and facilitation will be. With seamless integrations between different best-of-breed systems, you can create a system-lineup which delivers maximum value in every area that’s important to you – and you don’t have to pay for modules and product development that you don’t use, or expensive management costs to the local dealership.

Before you make a decision

Best-of-breed focuses on delivering an unbeatable value to their customers, but some companies and businesses might still need to buy a pickup truck. Before making a decision, it’s important to do a solid pre-study to learn which components are most critical for you. It’s equally important to find the supplier (read: partner) that has the best qualifications and understanding of your industry so they’re able to customize and sow everything together.

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