Together with our partner ViewBase, Planacy will streamline the budget and forecast process for a municipal electricity and water company.

Our partner ViewBase deliver expert business intelligence services and they have a long history of solid qualifications when it comes to energy and electricity companies. With their business customized solution for energy companies – eView – they put together an integrated solution for their customers, with automatic processes for follow-up and analysis. They also make the data available in a modern interface, built with the markets leading BI system.

For a long time, many energy and electricity companies have been struggling with ineffective budget and forecasting systems. Something which ViewBase now address. With Planacy integrated with Qlik or Power BI they aim to replace this aged, but still very common system, and offer their customers a more automated and effective budget and forecasting process.

Together with ViewBase, Planacy will know replace the older system used by a Swedish electricity and water company to modernize and simplify their financial planning process. With Planacy the customer will be able to budget both P&L and staff costs in customized templates, with automated data and analysis features.

Please contact ViewBase if you wish to know more about their soliton for energy companies of their other business adapted solution for e-commerce and restaurants.

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