The wellness and fitness chain Actic was burdened by time-consuming budget processes and needed a system that could facilitate and streamline their planning process. Thus, in the summer of 2019 they invested in Planacys planning platform.

With Planacy, Actic has left a time-consuming budget process behind for a faster and more flexible process through rolling forecasts. Among other things, they can now easily generate forecast proposals for their different facilities. Planacy’s platform manages multiple processes for Actic, such as membership revenue, rental and staff costs, as well as currency management.

” Planacy has helped our financial department to take control of the forecast process. With Planacy we now work iteratively with rolling forecasts. We have created a homogeneous work method and now work in the same way in every facility. We have also reduced administrative work for employees in the operational part of our business.”
— Martin Lundqvist, Head of Business Controlling på Actic Group

Actic is a leading wellness and fitness chain with 180 facilities and 228 000 members in four countries. Actic opened their first gym as early as in 1981, and with 120 facilities across the country, Sweden is by far their biggest market. Actic strives to create a healthier society by inspiring and engaging people.

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