For a housing developer like Besqab, the financial planning process is as complex as it is business critical. That’s why they need a powerful system that can be fully customized for their specific business rules, and at the same time handle the complexity in the financial planning processes.

Besqab use Planacy for their financial budget and fixed period forecasts, as well as their rolling financial and operative planning. Other processes managed in Planacy are building projects and investments, which create a grand part of the end product – the expected revenue performance and profit trend that Planacy gives them full control over. In addition, Besqab have integrated Planacy with Qlik Sense for a cohesive solution for financial planning and analysis and reporting as well.

Besqab says that Planacy has helped them to get a more efficient and value-creating process. They also see great potential in streamlining more processes and therefore continues to invest in the platform.

”We used to manage everything in Excel, but now with a planning tool the actual data and forecasts are integrated so we have full control and can make proactive decisions. Plus, the system isn't just set up based on the opinions of management – the operative part of our organization have greatly influenced the content and user interface, which has been very successful.“ – Magnus Ekström, CFO at Besqab

Besqab was founded in 1989 and their business idea is to develop new homes with knowledge and understanding of how people live their lives. Their vision is that everyone should live in their dream home. Read more about Besqab here

The deal and implementation were carried out together with our partner Millnet BI.

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