Probi is a passionate, international company which develop, produce and deliver clinically proven probiotic. With a revenue of over 600 million SEK, close to 200 employees and a presence in 40 markets, Probi outgrew their Excel model and needed a system that could simplify their financial planning.

Ultimately, they chose Planacy which with seamless integrations to Qlik Sense gives them a system that cost-effectively streamlines their work with budgeting and forecasting.

Probi uses Planacy both for their data-driven budgeting and forecasting, as well as their operational planning. The platform includes customized and driver-based processes for sales-, HR- and P&L forecasting.

“Some of the most prominent benefits of Planacy is the flexibility of the platform, simple administration, as well as integrations to Qlik Sense. Having Planacy integrated with our BI-platform enables us to streamline analysis and forecasting which simplifies our work”, says Mats Johansson, Group Controller at Probi.

Johansson has also witnessed that Planacy makes their planning processes more effective and enables a more value-creating work.

Probi has spent the last three decades exploring end refining solutions that make the health-promoting benefits of probiotics available to people everywhere. Read more about Probi here

The deal and project was carried through together with our partner Millnet BI.

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