Elajo is one of Sweden's leading electricity, mechanics, and energy companies. They deliver everything from complete solutions to special assignments within energy efficiency. Elajo previously used Excel to manage their financial planning and was therefore, dependent on manual consolidation. With Planacy, Elajo now has an effective solution for budgeting and forecasting, which they’ve seamlessly integrated with QlikView.

"We used to have about 100 different Excel sheets that had to be merged into one budget. This way of working made us vulnerable for errors, and we depended on manual consolidation and control. By implementing Planacy we now have a model that suits all of our businesses, instead of each business having different solutions for their Excel sheets. We also have the possibility to work with forecasting on a more detailed level", Daniel Karlsson, Business Controller at Elajo, explains. 




Elajo consists of two production companies, one parent company and a development company – all using different budget and forecasting methods. When it was time to invest in a new system the choice fell on Planacy, partly because the platform could seamlessly be integrated with their business intelligence tool QlikView.

"Other systems we considered offered a solution budgeting and forecasting as well as analysis, but since we already had the analysis part, we were looking for a less complex solution with a more clear focus on input”, Daniel says.

What is the biggest benefit with Planacy?
"By using Planacy we have created a stronger connection between our staff and the business, and we’ve seen a significantly higher level of engagement among our about 50 department heads. According to them, Planacy have simplified their work with financial planning, in example regarding consolidation and future scenarios, both of which now require fewer preparations and resources. “We’re very happy with the solution”, Daniel finishes.

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The deal was carried out together with our partner Exsitec.

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