With over 10 000 connected stores and restaurants and 5 000 employees, foodora is Sweden’s most popular Q Trading Platform for home deliveries. Their strong growth sets high demands on efficient and reliable processes that facilitate faster and better decisions.

”We are very satisfied with Planacy. The platform greatly simplifies our budgeting processes, which was our ambition when we left Excel for Planacy. Going forward, we will also be using the system for more ongoing planning as well”, says Manfred Bäckström, Business Controller at foodora.


Before switching to Planacy, foodora used Excel for their budgeting and forecasting processes. This caused some major challenges regarding maintenance and optimization of the processes, but also consolidation of the entire solution which required a lot of administrative time and manual checks.

”If we wanted to change something in a template, we usually had to make the same change multiple times. At the same time, it was difficult to keep track of whether they connected correctly when they were to be consolidated, which meant that we had to spend a lot of time both double and triple checking that all of the figures were correctly linked”, Bäckström explains.

In Planacy, foodora primarily works with various processes for sales and revenue as well as for direct costs, central cost allocation and CAPEX (investments). They also have a dedicated process for personnel forecasting as well as distribution of personnel costs between the various companies within the Group.

”With Planacy, we are able to spend more time on analysis as our budget data have a more secure structure. We can twist and turn the data more easily and have a greater sense of security that the data we see is the actual truth. We also have the opportunity to easily create and change alternative scenarios”, says Bäckström.

What do you see as the biggest benefit of Planacy?

”With Planacy, we can make faster and better decisions as it’s easier to identify outcomes of alternative scenarios. We can also extract our planning data in an easier way than before” Bäckström concludes.


Foodora was founded in 2015 and is a part of the global company Delivery Hero which has it’s base in Berlin. foodora is available in over 200 different places around the country and they have over 10 000 connected stores and restaurants in Sweden. Read more about foodora here

The deal was carried through together with our partner Exsitec, who also implemented the solution.

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