Borås Elnät, who owns large parts of the electricity network in Borås, was previously dependent on manual Excel consolidation which made it difficult to get a clear overview of the budget and forecast. With Planacy, Borås Elnät now has a solution that enables them to become more independent from their finance department, which offers greater freedom regarding planning over time and more efficient processes.

“We needed a flexible and pedagogical system, and after a pilot study it was clear that Planacy met all of our requirements and more. Since the platform can also be integrated with Qlik, the choice of planning system was easy. With Planacy, we can manage all parts of the budget so it’s complete and reconciled even before it leaves the responsible manager”, explains Kenneth Helin, CFO at Borås Elnät.



Borås Elnät has a decentralized structure for budgeting and forecasting and depend on several non-finance stakeholders who usually don’t work with the company’s business systems. Therefore, Borås Elnät was looking for a user-friendly system that could meet their business-driven needs.

“With Planacy, we work with processes for revenue and P&L budgeting, staff- and project budgeting as well as the distribution of central costs. We now have an efficient and collaborative tool that has allowed us to increase both responsibility and accountability over our financial budget and forecast. This is something that previously only existed in theory but will now also work in practice," Helin concludes.

Borås Elnät focuses on securing the electricity infrastructure for Borås residents. The company's roots date back to the 1890s when the electricity network started expanding in Borås, and today they own large parts of the electricity network in Borås. Learn more about Borås Elnät


The deal was carried out together with our partner ViewBase.


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