LIN Education streamlined their budgeting and forecasting process with driver-based budgeting according to a matrix structure.

During the fall, LIN Education has implemented and begun using Planacy in their business. They are working with matrix structure to enable a more effective budget process. The Planacy platform supports their work with HR- and staff budgeting and different types of sales (hardware, license and consulting). The different processes drives towards the P&L for both cost center and business area level, which offers a good overview of the different parts of the process.

LIN Education digitalizes learning for schools, organizations and companies through tools, content and pedagogy. Through the power of digitalization, their mission is to make learning more effective, fun and meaningful, similarly to Planacy’s mission for budgeting and forecasting. With a modern, integrated and customizable planning platform we aim to make budgeting and forecasting more effective, fun and value-creating.

This business deal was brought in and carried through by our partner, Sparks.

LIN Education’s turnover is close to 600 million SEK and today they have about 100 employees. Their main office is in Gotheburg, Sweden but they also have other venues around Sweden and Norway. Read more about LIN Education.

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