Linköpings Stadsmission help and support people in vulnerable life situations and run various initiatives to help with work integration, addiction, domestic violence, mental illness, homelessness and poverty. Together with Drake Analytics and Qlik, Planacy has contributed to improving the internal processes for financial planning, follow-up and analysis, so that Linköpings Stadsmission can focus on the core of their business.

Previously, Linköpings Stadsmission used Excel for budgeting and forecasting but a lot of time went into consolidating and quality assuring the numbers of the budget. The system change to Planacy has facilitated their work in many ways.

- Planacy has been well received and several people have commented that it’s much easier to understand than Excel, says Frida Gunnbäck, Accounting Controller at Linköpings Stadsmission.

With their previously large Excel files there was always a risk of errors occuring, and so a lot of managers couldn’t take part of the budget until it was completely ready. In some cases, this led to managers not recognizing the budget they had submitted since they hadn’t been able to follow the adjustments that were made in the various certification steps.

- With Planacy, the transparency and engagement around the budget process has increased as all managers now have access to their own budget in a completely different way than before, Gunnbäck says.

In Planacy, Linköpings Stadsmission manages P&L budgeting, revenue budgeting, HR- and staff budgeting, as well as internal and central cost allocation. They have also integrated the platform with Qlik Sense for powerful analysis and follow-up.

- We feel that we have gotten a better, ongoing overview and that we can spend more time analyzing the budget. Everything is gathered in one place and it’s easy to attach calculations and leave comments. The simplicity of creating alternative budgets that we can compare directly in the analysis app has also been very much appreciated.

The biggest benefit they experience with Planacy is the quality assurance of the figures and how easy it is to make analyzes, but how simple it is to work with accrual of income and expenses is also a big plus.

- With the push of a button, you can choose whether it should be accrued according to the year's outcome, last year's outcome, linear or optional. There is a lot to work on and more processes to set up and implement, but so far we are very satisfied with how Planacy has facilitated our budget work, Gunnbäck concludes.

Linköpings Stadsmission was founded in 1972 and today, they have 17 different initiatives to help with work integration, addiction, domestic violence, mental illness, homelessness and poverty. The business is based on a fundamentally diaconal view of people – a firm belief that all people have equal value. Through faith, hope and love, Linköpings Stadsmission wants to contribute to a more humane society. Read more about Linköpings Stadsmission

As a part of Drake Analytics Charity Program, Drake Analytics have contributed with significantly reduced prices for implementation hours of Planacy and Qlik, who in turn have contributed with significantly reduced license prices.

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