Matsmart (aka Motatos) is an expanding growth company, with business in several different countries and a revenue of over 40 million euro – and this is only the beginning. Therefore, they have invested in a budget, forecast and planning platform to avoid a complex and person dependent budget process in the future. Matsmart wanted a simple tool that is flexible, can be customized for their unique processes and grow together with the company.

Matsmart use Planacy to manage their operational planning and traditional budgeting. In Planacy they have support for P&L budgeting with driver-based planning processes for: sales, HR- & staff budgeting, purchasing, investments as well as central cost allocation.

Matsmart see great value in Planacy’s integration possibilities. They will integrate the platform with Power BI to streamline their financial planning with detailed reporting and analysis.

Matsmart’s business idea is to save perfectly good food from being thrown away and selling it online – something that is not only sustainable and smart but also incredibly important for our planet. So far, Matsmart’s customers and suppliers have saved over 11 000 tons of food from being thrown away for no good reason. Read more about Matsmart and their amazing initiative

The deal was carried through together with out partner Millnet BI.

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