Office Management is a consulting service company that identifies and packages complete solutions and service commitments for their customers. They were founded in 1993 and today, they create the workplaces of the future for more than 8000 customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland – and Planacy helps Office Management to smarter and more efficient budget, forecasting and planning processes.

- As we grew, we needed a higher level of traceability and security. We wanted to digitize and take control of the budget process, which we did with Planacy, says Patrik Brodin, Director of Strategy & Business Control at Office Management.


Before Office Management acquired Planacy two years ago, they made all their budgets and forecasts in Excel, which posed challenges as the company grew. Among other things the challenges concerned the overview, the security of the figures and the human factor.

- As the person responsible for the group, I couldn’t effectively monitor the process and catch errors in good enough time as people were sitting in local files. Excel worked well for a long time but as we grew it quickly became inefficient. In Planacy, we get a completely different traceability, a faster process and we can also work with version control, Patrik explains.

"Excel worked well for a long time but as we grew

it quickly became inefficient."

Office Management's entry into Planacy was the budget process, but today they also have an ongoing forecasting process for their income statement and management of administrative structures and hierarchies. They were also quick to expand with a sales process where they do ongoing sales follow-up and administer the salespeople.

- Before we complete with more processes, we want to improve the ones we have. We need to take the budget process to a new level and make it more driver based with Planacy. We also want to continue to develop our rolling forecasts in order to be able to redirect our business more quickly.

Office Management has also integrated Planacy with a business intelligence system. Today, they use Qlik Sense, but are considering switching to Microsoft Power BI. In the case of an integration, Patrik says that it is very important to choose the right partner based on what your organization looks like.

- When our business changes, budgets and planning processes must also be developed, and for it to work optimally, it’s important to choose the right Planacy partner. Today, Exsitec is the one who delivers Planacy with the integration to Qlik Sense and we are very pleased with them.


Has Planacy helped you streamline your budgeting, forecasting and planning processes?

- Yes. We are very happy with Planacy. In addition to increased traceability and a lower margin of error, everything is going faster. Overall, we have a more efficient process for both budgeting and forecasting, which we will continue to develop as we grow, Patrik concludes.


Office Management's vision is to make its customers' days more successful. Together with their customers, they want to create the best conditions for well-being, cooperation and communication in the workplace and deliver sustainable success. Read more about Office Management here

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