Palette Software delivers powerful and intuitive solutions for purchase-to-pay and electronic invoice management to over 2,500 companies and organizations worldwide. Planacy in turn delivers an efficient and flexible solution for budgeting, forecasting and planning to Palette Software, which they've seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Power BI.


Before Palette Software invested in Planacy's planning platform, they managed all their financial planning in Excel. As several employees at the company are involved in providing input for the budget, their biggest problem was consolidation and version control.

- The biggest benefit of Planacy is that the platform has simplified our work with consolidation and version control. The fact that we also automatically receive our forecast in Power BI is also a great advantage, says Sylvia Andersson, CFO at Palette Software.

In Planacy, Palette Software works with sales and revenue budgeting, contracts, transaction revenue, cost and staff budgeting. The company's results are taken into Planacy from their business system Netsuite, and Planacy in turn gives birth to Microsoft Power BI and thus enables deeper analyzes.

- For us, it's important that the process is connected. We have our own Palette system integrated with Netsuite for AP automation. Getting the financial planning process right, as well as the automated retrieval of outcome data into the planning tool and then automatically getting the forecast to Power BI, is a continuation of our digitization journey, Sylvia concludes.

Palette Software was founded in Sweden in 1993 and was then involved in coining the term "electronic invoice management". Today, their development is driven by eliminating manual steps by automating all interactions between budget, purchasing, delivery, contract and invoice - so that the latter is processed automatically in the system. Read more about Palette Software here

The deal was carried through together with our partner Exsitec.

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