Europes fastest growing micro-mobility company, VOI Technologies, implements Planacy for a simpler and more structured financial planning process.

Few might have missed VOI Technologies impressive advancement with their electric scooters. Since they launched in Stockholm in September 2018, they now have over 30.000 scooters in 11 countries and 25 different cities such as: Paris, Madrid, Oslo, Lisbon and Munich. Since they’ve hired over 400 employees since the launch and continue to grow vigorously, they need a system that’s simple and flexible. That’s why they chose Planacy – a system that can grow together with their business and give them a more structured and effective budget and forecasting process.  

Financial forecasts tend to constantly need updating in vigorously growing companies in order for the financial plan to be kept up to date. In these cases, a spreadsheet is seldom enough as a budgeting and forecasting tool.

With Planacy, VOI has a platform which is customized for their business and that can grow together with their company.  A platform that’s easy to use and support the business in their work and continued growth. VOI use Planacy to create their financial budget and for the continuous work with updating forecasts, both for revenue and expenses.

Read more about VOI Technology, their impressive growth and vision of cities free from noise and pollution.


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