RFSU AB is a manufacturing company that sells products for sex, cohabitation, body, and well-being. During the fall of 2021, RFSU AB hired a CDO to streamline the company’s work and internal processes. They chose Planacy to simplify and improve the financial planning. 

"Planacy has not only simplified our work with budgeting, forecasting, and planning, but has also given us a cohesive solution for data collection, analysis, and reporting, says Erik Gudmundsson", CDO at RFSU AB. 

RFSU Planacy

Before RFSU AB implemented Planacy in the fall of 2022, all their financial planning was done in Excel. Their solution was very time-consuming with manual consolidation of sheets, typos, overwritten formulas, and old actuals. 

"From a classic time-consuming Excel-budgeting mess, Planacy transformed our whole budgeting process to pure joy for our finance team and budgeteers. Our team can now work with fresh actuals from our ERP in an easy-to-use application." Erik explains. 


RFSU AB’s solution for budgeting and forecasting includes, among other things, processes for HR- and staff budgeting, CAPEX, P&L, as well as sales budgeting per customer and product category. The biggest advantages they see in Planacy is the platforms user friendly interface and the seamless integration to their ERP and business intelligence platform QlikSense. They also appreciate the modern architecture that enables quick customisations. 

"The user experience in Planacy is excellent. After just two hours of end user training, the entire team was up and running in the system. Planacy is by far the most competent SME SaaS budgeting tool currently out there", Erik says. 

RFSU AB is a company exclusively owned by the National Association for Sexual Education (RFSU), which was founded in 1933. The surplus from RFSU AB's sales goes to the owners, the National Association for Sexual Education (RFSU). There, the resources are used to spread information, nationally and internationally, within sex and cohabitation. Read more 

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