Planacy helped the bag manufacturer Sandqvist get a more efficient and value-creating planning- and purchasing process.

Before switching to Planacy, Sandqvist used Excel for their forecasting, but they needed a forecasting tool that could give them a more standardized and streamlined process that wouldn’t need as much administration.

With Planacy, Sandqvist now work with rolling forecasts and they have a coherent process for purchasing with automatic loading of quality assured data. They no longer have problems with the management and consolidation of Excel spreadsheets that used to circulate in the business. Instead, they have increased the quality of work and the value of the process.

Sandqvist was founded in 2004 and grew organically as a response to the lack of well-crafted, design-led, functional bags on offer at the time. A big focus for Sandqvist is sustainability and care for the environment, high-quality designs and uncompromising functionality. Read more about Sandqvist

The deal was carried through together with our partner Millnet BI.

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