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Sandqvist is a Swedish company that, with a great focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly material, offer stylish bags with minimalistic design. Before Sandqvist implemented Planacy in 2020, they used Excel as their primary tool for financial planning. 

"A great challenge for us was that we spent too much time updating templates and making sure everyone was working in the correct Excel sheet. The entire solution felt insecure", says Karin Jacobsen, Head of Supply & Operations at Sandqvist.  

With Planacy, Sandqvist has not only minimised manual labor, but they have also gotten a more reliable budget and forecast. They work with several different processes in Planacy such as sales, staff, OPEX, investments and liquidity, as well as purchase- and warehouse planning.  

"Planacy has simplified and streamlined all our processes and made it possible for us to work more driver-based", says Jacobsen.  

Sandqvist has also integrated Planacy’s powerful solution for budgeting, forecasting and planning with QlikSense business intelligence. This combination gives them a cohesive solution that supports more continuous and data-driven work with planning and analysis. 

"We are super happy with the integration between the two systems. We now have a complete and seamless solution that simplifies planning and follow-up", Jacobsen says.  

The financial department at Sandqvist is very satisfied with Planacy and feel that the platform has had a positive effect on their financial planning.  

"The greatest benefit of Planacy is definitely that our entire budgeting process is much safer and more efficient now. Just the time saved, and the certainty of the forecasts and processes alone is worth every penny", Jacobsen explains.  


Sandqvist was founded in 2004 by the three childhood friends, Anton, Daniel and Sebastian. Being outdoor lovers living in Stockholm, they were missing bags that could be used both in the city and in the forest. Since the beginning, Sandqvist has therefore combined a high level of functionality with a clear focus on durable and environmentally friendly materials.

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The deal was carried out together with our partner Exsitec

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