The translation agency Semantix felt that their old solution for budgeting and forecasting wasn’t optimal and therefore sought a system that was more customizable to their business. They wanted a new system that could provide more support to those involved in the budgeting and forecasting process, and that allowed them to continue to work with QlikSense.

In Planacy, Semantix found what they were looking for – a fully customizable tool for budgeting and forecasting that can be integrated with QlikSense. In Planacy they work with traditional budgets and fixed forecasts, with processes such as sales-, P&L- and staff budgeting, as well as central cost allocation.

Semantix says that Planacy has helped them get a more efficient and value creating budget and forecasting process. The biggest benefit they see is that it’s now easier to delegate the process. Users can easily work with their own parts and send them back and forth in a clear workflow and attestation flow.

The deal was carried through by our partner ViewBase.

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