Stockholm Pride stands for equality, the right to love who you want, and to strengthen the life situation for people who are LGBTQ+. All work is done on a non-profit basis and the income consists of ticket sales, sponsorships and grants. Therefore, they have a great need to plan their business correctly and to distribute the resources as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, Stockholm Pride has invested in Planacy through Planacy's Charity License.

“The help we’ve received from Planacy has been magical as they’ve set up a solution which suits our processes best” says Fredrik Elliot, CFO at Stockholm Pride.

Previously, Stockholm Pride used Excel for their financial planning. This solution was perceived as difficult by the users since there was no template for how you should budget within the organisation, which in turn made it hard to follow-up on the budget. With Planacy, Stockholm Pride now has a solution which has made it easier to budget and follow up on profit and loss.

“Before we started using Planacy we were having trouble gathering budgets from different parts of the organisation. Every cost center is budgeted by different people and since there was no template everyone did it in their own way. This meant that the compilation took a long time and it was also difficult to know whether each manager had approved the budget or not”, Elliot explains.

In Planacy, Stockholm Pride use a combination of a calendar-based budget for the basic organisation and a project-based budget that sometimes contains several different fiscal years. They plan their different projects based on a number of angles and perspectives, and there’s a strong focus on the organisation's largest project – the Pride Festival in Stockholm. They primarily plan costs at a detailed level in order to, for example, be able to calculate the number of security guards and the costs of them. They also have processes to get proper control over expected revenue through the various channels; grants, ticket sales, sponsorships, etc.

“We invested in Planacy with the aim to save money by increasing both the quality of the budget as well as the follow-up process, and we’re so happy with Planacy, both the product and the company,” Elliot concludes.


Planacy is a proud sponsor and proud official supporter of Stockholm Pride who works for equality, the right to love who you’d like, and to strengthen the life situation for people who are LGBTQ+.

Stockholm Pride is a non-profit and member-run organization, politically and religiously independent, for everyone who shares the organization's values. According to the association's statutes, Stockholm Pride is for those who feel involved in and respect the culture that has its roots in the lives of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people and queers. This is manifested by the association by arranging the Stockholm Pride cultural festival every year.

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