Since Vitamin Well implemented Planacy for their budget and forecast process, they have experienced a decreased dependency on Excel. In addition, one of the biggest benefits they see is the automatic consolidation of revenue and costs.

Vitamin Well sees that with the help of Planacy, they have obtained a more efficient and value-creating budget and forecasting process that’s appreciated by the end users in the company due to the platforms simple and user-friendly interface.

Vitamin Well use Planacy to create their budget and fixed forecasts. In Planacy they have a solid solution for processes such as: Sales, Investments, Projects, HR & Personnel, and Activity Planning – which seamlessly drives revenue and costs to their Profit Budget. They have also integrated Planacy with their Business Intelligence system, Power BI, for a coherent solution for budget, forecasts, as well as analysis and reporting.

Vitamin Well was founded in 2008 and offer a modern, healthier and tasty alternative to soft drinks and sweet juices. Their products are now sold in over 60 countries. Read more about Vitamin Well

The deal was carried through together with our partner Business Vision.

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