Planacy has helped YrkesAkademin to streamline their budget, forecast and planning processes to get more value from their work. Planacy’s seamless integration to Qlik Sense has also given them a cohesive solution that simplifies continuous work with analysis and planning – which in turn enables continuous improvements of YrkesAkademins business and results.

YrkesAkademin use Planacy for their budgeting, rolling forecasts and operative planning processes. P&L budgeting, sales budgeting, HR- and staff budgeting, central cost allocation and activity planning are some of the other processes that are now being managed in Planacy.

Planacy has met the expectations of YrkesAkademin since they experience the platform as simple and user-friendly, and they quickly learned how the system works.

“Planacy is perceived as user-friendly and the system simplifies our operative planning of the business. The integration to QlikSense allows for quick access to the most important operative and financial key numbers, which enables constant improvements of YrkesAkademins business and results. The feedback from our staff has been highly positive”, says Antti Rokala, CFO at Yrkesakademin.

YrkesAkademin was founded in 1997 and today, they’re Sweden's largest supplier of commissioned and labor market training. Their goal is to get more people into work and to support Swedish companies with knowledgeable staff. Read more about their business here

This deal was carried through together with our partner Millnet BI.

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