Drivar-based processes in Planacy 

Design a 100% driver-based budget and forecast  

Streamline your financial planning that simplifies a decentralised process with high quality 

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Driver-based processes

Driver-based processes in Planacy  

No matter your industry or what driver-based processes that's most critical for your business, Planacy can optimise a more efficient and data-driven financial planning. The planning platform can be completely customised for your business, unique processes and needs.   

Driver-based forecasting  

Planacy helps you streamline your financial planning more effective. You work driver-based in an intuitive interface that makes it easier for the users in the business to contribute with high quality.  

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Powerful modules  

We offer a wide range of customisable modules that make it easier to implement and get started with Planacy. You get a platform that supports your current organisation and that you successively can grow with.   

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A selection of Planacy supported planning processes 


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