CFO, FP&A, Sales & Revenue managers and project managers 

Data-driven budget and forecasting for your role 

With Planacy the engagement and accountability over the financial goals and forecasts increase. No matter your role, you simplify the work and get a better control over the financial plans.  

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Driver-based processes

Increase the quality of the financial planning   

Reduce the administrative work and your headache  

You minimise the manual work by automating part of the work and by working data-driven with your budget and forecast. At the same time, you get a better understanding and engagement in the organisation. With a greater insights of what drives revenue, costs and results, the quality of the financial planning increase and you get a more functioning strategical instrument. Thanks to automation and powerful features, can you with Planacy, also increase the frequency of the work and make sure you continuously have an updated financial forecast.  

No matter role – Planacy supports your work with budgeting and forecasting  

CFO and Finance Managers  

Minimise the risks using Excel – such as formulas not working, users that misunderstand and indescribable differences that arrive at the last minute. Automate and get control over the data and simultaneously increase the quality of your work. With Planacy, you streamline the financial totality from driver-based revenue and cost processes down to P&L, balance and an automated cash flow forecast. 

FP&A & Business Controllers 

You deserve better. Reduce the time put on administrative tasks by preparing and consolidating - instead put time into the value-adding activities. Activities that optimise the process and make it easier for the organisation to contribute to the budget and forecasting work with high quality. Make time to create and analyse different scenarios quickly – with Planacy; you make your work more efficient and can act proactive instead of reactive.   

Sales & Revenue Manager 

Let us be honest. Budgeting and forecasting isn’t your most fun work task. With Planacy, you’ll eliminate a big part of the manual work and get a more significant understanding of the totality in an easy and intuitive interface. By working driver-based, you work with concepts, dimensions and KPIs that contribute to a higher engagement and accountability over the forecast – maybe you'll even find the work fun.

Project manager  

Project managers have a lot on their table. Budget and forecasting work is an essential part of this. You don’t want to spend too much time on administrative tasks, but focus on creating project forecasts with high quality. With Planacy, you’ll be able to work more intelligent and automated. You’ll get more control and a greater understanding of the whole process.   

Staff-, result & budget manager  

You'll want to contribute with quality regardless of your role in the budget and forecast work. By working driver-based in a modern interface where you understand the total process and what drives revenue, costs and results, you’ll become more engaged in the work.   

Start working data-driven with your budget- and forecasting process!  

Planacy supports you, your role and your work with financial planning. Book a demo or get in touch with us today.   

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