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Download our product sheets to learn more about Planacy, how to improve your financial planning processes and how to work with these in our system. 

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Product sheets

Planacy Product Sheet

Here we've collected information about Planacy, the advantages of working with a system, our integrations and the processes we're supporting. 


Datadriven finansiell prognos
Rolling Forecast

There's multiple methods for budgeting and forecasting and of course they all have their own pros and cons. What might work best for a company depends on the business and the industry. 


Ikon controlling
Financial Planning

By using a dedicated system for financial planning, you as a controller will need to spend less time on administrative tasks, and you can instead analyse and develop the business. 


Liquidity Forecasting Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Planacy offers a unique solution where you get control over the forecasted result in the P&L and balance sheet through driver-based elements for revenue and costs. 


Get started in 4 weeks!

Planacys planning platform can be completely integrated and customised in just 4 weeks. 

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