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Planacy Training Platform

​Planacy's training platform offer a wide selection of courses for users and administrators. The plattform gives you continuous access to new courses where you don't just learn everything about Planacy, but also how to evolve your internal planning processes. Take the courses whenever you want and as many times as you want.

  • Learn how to optimize your processes and expand your Planacy knowledge
  • Continuous access to new courses and the latest information
  • Take the courses when it suits you, complete one or more courses at once or pause and continue later

Find Your Training Package

With our different packages for the Planacy Training Platform, all Planacy users get access to the knowledge needed in order to take full advantage of Planacy's planning platform. 

All courses are in English.


Training Package

50 EUR


  • End User Licenses: 10
  • Of which SuperUser Access: 1



Training Package

100 EUR


  • End User Licenses: 25
  • Of which SuperUser Accesses: 2



Training Package

150 EUR


  • End User Licenses: 50
  • Of which SuperUser Accesses: 3


End Users

Planacy users

For Planacy End Users, we offer courses with tips and tricks for navigation, increased user experience as well as courses on how you use Planacy optimally.

Super Users


In addition to End User courses, Super Users get access to courses on administration and optimization of your Planacy solution, as well as best-practise courses for internal planning processes.

Single SuperUser Access

35 EUR

/ month




This is for those of you who would like to purchase single Super User licenses instead of a Training Package. You can also purchase single Super User accesses in addition to those included in your Training Package.

Terms and conditions for Planacy Training Platform:
  • We charge an annual fee for SuperUser Training and En User Training Accesses, which is invoiced in advance and extended by twelve (12) months at a time.
  • The annual license is valid from the first e-mail confirmation and 365 days thereafter.
  • Super User and End User licenses are personal and prohibited from use by others.
  • A Super User or End User license can be transferred to a colleague, but no more than once per year.
  • Termination of a license or downsizing of users must be announced no later than 60 days prior to the license renewal, either to your partner or to
  • It is possible to upgrade to a package with more users, as well as purchasing extra single Super User accesses during the contract period.


For questions or more information on our Training Packages, please contact us on

Planacy Entry Training Package

Planacy Business Training Package

Planacy Enterprise Training Package

Single Super User Access