New Customer Campaign

Get a Planacy license for 0.00 EUR the first year!

There are many companies that use old, tired and inflexible systems for their budgeting, forecasting, and planning processes. We want to change that!

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New Customer Campaign

Our goal is to contribute to more successful companies by enabling more continuous, efficient, data-driven and value-creating planning processes. Therefore, we offer new customers that have a current system for budget, forecast and planning Planacy Entry, Planacy Basic and Planacy Large to a total cost of 0,00 SEK/EUR the first year! We also offer an 80% discount on Planacy Group, Planacy Enterprise and Planacy Enterprise+.

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Terms for the campaign

This campaign is available for customers that have a system in place today for budgeting and forecasting (not counting Excel or standardized systems) and sign a license agreement for at least 12 months.

In order to use the offer, you need to write a motivation describing why you wish to leave your existing solution, and which benefits you see with implementing Planacy.

This campaign applies to both Planacy Cloud and Planacy Private Hosting.

This campaign is valid from 2021-05-01 until 2021-12-31 but may end sooner. In addition to the license cost, which during the first year is discounted by 80-100%, there is an implementation cost to customize the system according to your processes and regulations.


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