Planacy has entered into partnership with the BI consulting company Climber – Europe’s largest Qlik partner and leading within cloud-based data analysis solutions.

“Both we and Planacy are in an expansive phase and it’s the right time to start collaborating. Our long experience of budget solutions and financial follow-up in Qlik Sense, combined with Planacy's expertise in budget and forecasting tools, creates a very strong offer, ”says Jonas Grundström, Senior Business Consultant at Climber.

Climber develop sustainable business intelligence solutions in Qlik for all types of business needs, but in order to work with follow-up and analysis in an optimal way, you also need an efficient system for budget and forecasting.

“To become an important part of the operational follow-up, the budget process, everything from data management to input and analysis, must be simplified and then refined to focus the process on what drives the business. Planacy's smart functionality and seamless integration with Qlik for follow-up and analysis, does just that. It’s simply a perfect match", Grundström explains.

Planacy simplifies a more collaborative and value-adding work with budget, forecast and planning. If you integrate Planacy with a BI-tool, you will also streamline and increase the quality of the financial and operative planning process.

”With our unique and powerful platform, which seamlessly can be integrated with the leading BI-tools, we enable more proactive and intelligent businesses together with Climber. Their expertise and long experience within financial planning and analysis creates an unbeatable value for our mutual customers”, says Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO at Planacy.

Climber was founded in 2007 in Stockholm and have worked with Qlik since the beginning. Today, they have the highest number of certified consultants in Europe, which is one of the reasons why they are a suitable partner for Planacy.

“Our partner strategy is clear. We will work with each market's most competent and progressive companies within our vertical. Climber is Europe's leading Qlik partner and shares our vision of creating more intelligent and successful companies. With Planacy and our powerful and seamless integrations to Qlik's platform, it will be incredibly fun to see the value that Climber can create for their customers, not only in Sweden but in the long run also in Europe ", Stenqvist Evegård concludes.

Webinar: Efficient Budget and Forecast

Below you can see Planacy and Climber’s webinar on how to work more efficiently with budgeting and forecasting with the help of a modern and powerful system. We also talk about:

  • what you should keep in mind in order to increase the value of your work with financial planning,
  • the importance of identifying and working with budget-drivers and
  • choosing the right level of insight to increase the quality of the forecast

Watch Webinar (In Swedish)

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