We've worked persistently during the winter and can now present this year's first release – Planacy 2022.1! The release includes features that reduce implementation time and makes things easier for customers with more advanced planning processes. In addition, we're finally releasing our long-awaited Excel add-in!

In addition to further optimization of the performance, security, and scalability of larger customers, Planacy 2022.1 brings a number of new and long-awaited features and additional services. Among other things, we're releasing the Private Mode feature which with the push of a button, makes it possible to work with a forecast scenario in a more closed circuit. For example within the business controller team prior to, or after a forecast process if certain corrections needs to be made.

As mentioned, with Planacy 2022.1 we're also releasing our long-awaited Excel Add-in! This Excel Add-in is a simple and intuitive toolbox inside Excel that makes it possible to work more integrated with Planacy and Excel. You can smoothly and easily both load data to- and extract data from Planacy to Excel. With simple choices, you control which data is extracted, which means that your own analyzes and reports based on forecasts in Planacy can easily be set up. Create sales analysis, cash flow reports or performance variances – and why not link them to Powerpoint and create an automatically updated management reporting?

Google and Excel add-ins

In Planacy 2022.1, we've continued to invest heavily in the development of our best-practice-planning modules. The modules not only contribute to rapid implementations and adaptations of the platform, but also create optimal conditions for our customers to conduct more value-creating work with financial planning.

With this release and our additional services, we take another step on our journey towards simplifying and streamlining more data-driven work with budget, forecasting and planning – and thereby contributing to better planned and more successful companies and businesses.

Contact us if you'd like to know more about the release or how your business can simplify your work with financial planning.


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