With Planacy 6.0, we’re taking user-friendly and value-creating planning to the next level. During the past year, we have invested a lot of time, sweat and tears into the development of this release and we’re super excited to finally present the result to our customers and partners!

Planacy 6.0 contains a number of innovative news and features, such as a completely new interface with a clean, smart and user-friendly overview that increase user-experience, usability and simplifies navigation. The release also has an updated technical framework that improves the platform's technical foundation and power – which enables us to intensify development even further.

During the development of 6.0 we have focused a lot on improving search and filtering capabilities and also in improving screen utilization to take advantage of the entire screen (for those of you who loves to have a lot of data in your templates) – which simplifies the work for those with budget responsibility. For the consultants, we have expanded the configuration options in the platform, which means that the threshold for implementation is lowered – and that our customers' ROI increases further!

Our philosophy and product vision is clear – with Planacy we want to simplify a more collaborative and continuous work with financial planning and thus, contribute to better planned and more successful companies. With our broad and competent partner network, and our innovative and powerful platform, we have established ourselves as the markets leading best-of-breed platform for budgeting, forecasting and planning. With this release, we take Planacy to the next level and increase the distance to the competing alternatives even more.

In conclusion, with our latest version of Planacy you’ll be able to streamline and increase the value of your budget, forecast and planning processes even more – and we’re convinced that both SuperUsers and End Users will love the development just as much as we do!

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