Planacy enters into partnership with GreatStep Business Intelligence, a young and progressive company founded by experienced specialists within business intelligence, that help their customers create a more data driven corporate culture.

“We’re very positive about this partnership with Planacy. Their offer is strong and very valuable for organisations that what to evolve and become more data driven”, says Tobias Hammarstrand, Founder & Senior Business Consultant at GreatStep.

Using Microsoft Power BI, GreatSteps focus is to turn data into valuable insights for their customers, and in Planacy they have found the complement they sought for financial planning. Planacy's seamless integrations with Power BI enable more continuous and collaborative work with budget, forecasting, planning as well as follow-up, analysis and reporting for their customers.

"Planacy fits well into GreatStep's portfolio and provides our customers with a modern and cloud-based tool that can really facilitate and streamline the work of budgeting and planning." Hammarstrand explains.

During this different and special year, the benefits and need for more efficient budgeting, forecasting and planning processes have increased as more companies and businesses have needed to work more frequently with financial planning. With Planacy's innovative platform, their partners receive a more powerful and comprehensive offer that is more current than ever.

“We’re happy to enter into a partnership with GreatStep and to be a central part of the business's growth journey. The fact that new companies with a passion for creating more data-driven businesses find Planacy as the natural platform to build a strong customer and value offering around, we see as proof of the leading position we have taken on the market. We welcome GreatStep and with confidence, we look forward to kick-starting the partnership, ”concludes Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO of Planacy.

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