During the past calendar year Planacy are able to show close to a 100 % growth of the ARR! Planacy is now preparing for even greater growth in 2020 – and an expansion in Europe.

"With the Scandinavian markets most innovative and powerful planning platform we’re now ready to step into an even bigger market and fill the need there."
– Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO at Planacy.


Today, Planacy has partners in Malta and Romania, but Sweden is still the biggest market where Planacy collaborate with some of the most eminent IT consultancies within performance management. The main focus in 2020 will therefore be to enter into partnerships on a wider market in Europe, something which Mikael Edh, newly appointed Chief Business Development Officer at Planacy, will be very involved in.

"We have a product that we see is missing around Europe, a unique product specifically designed to complement modern business intelligence systems with budget and forecast."
–Mikael Edh

As a part of the expansion Planacy has recently recruited Elisabet Norrgård for the role as Growth Marketing Manager, as well as Emelie Svensson as Business Developer and Planning Specialist. Emelie will mainly support existing and new partners in other countries, while Elisabet's main task is to contribute to further growth through marketing activities.

"It feels great to be working in the IT industry again, especially at Planacy which has an extremely driven and talented team. I look forward to using my knowledge to contribute to the company's continued development."
– Elisabet Norrgård

It is clear that the transition from working with budget and forecasting in Excel to modern and powerful platforms has begun. As a major player, Planacy will have a leading role in Europe over the next few years.

"This is an ambitious goal that we with excitement and confidence look forward to realizing"
– Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård

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