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Yesterday it was time for Planacy partner mingle 2024. Planacy's partners are crucial to our success and they all play a key role in our achievement to take a leading position in the market within FP&A systems. 

Just like last years partner mingle, the Planacy partner mingle 2024 was held at TAK in Stockholm. There, we presented some exciting Planacy updates and celebrated our joint successes, as well as the achievements of those partners who excelled a little bit more than others in 2023. This year, we awarded prizes for the Customer Deal of the Year, Growth Partner of the Year, Partner Consultant of the Year, and, last but not least, Partner of the Year. Below, you will find this year's winners and their respective motivations

"We continue our journey of transforming the financial planning landscape and creating more data-driven operations. Our partners play an important role in this journey, and together, we have continued to deliver growth in the Swedish market throughout the year. Therefore, today we celebrate all our partners who have contributed to the development of Planacy during the past year!"

– Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, VD på Planacy

The winners of 2023

Customer Deal of the Year 2023 - Exsitec

Some deals take a bit longer, some deals require more resources, and some deals make a bigger impact when they are finally won. This year's most prominent partner deal required strong teamwork and over four years of dialogue, but made an even bigger impact when it was finally signed. The 2023 Customer Deal of the Year goes to Exsitec.

Planacy partnermingel 2024- customer deal of the year
Planacy partnemingel 2024 - partner consultant of the year

Partner Consultant of the Year 2023 - Måns Östberg

With a great sense for both the technical solution and the customer benefit, this consultant always takes the time to test new features in the product and provide valuable input on how Planacy can be improved. In a new role, where he is responsible for creating the Planacy deal, he receives this award for the second time. The Partner Consultant of the Year goes to Måns Östberg at Kolibri Vision.

Growth Partner of the Year 2023 - Climber

To constantly strive for greater heights is an important part of Planacy's DNA. This is also true for this partner, who has continued to climb upward throughout the year, and show a strong will and ambition. With a growth of 40%, this year's Growth Partner of the Year goes to Climber.

Planacy partnermingel 2024 - growth partner of the year
Planacy partnermingel 2024 - partner of the year

Partner of the Year 2023 - Exsitec 

They have faced the challenges presented to them throughout the year with great spirit. With Stina as an experienced Tech Lead, they ensure good continuity and deliver a solution with high quality. During the year, they've not only won the biggest deal in our partner channel but also gained the most new customers. The 2023 Partner of the Year goes to none other than Exsitec.

A big thank you to all our partners for everything we accomplished in 2023! In 2024, we will continue to further develop the product and at the same time strengthen Planacy's position in the market.

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