We’re very happy and proud of our fine partner collaborations and when the covid 19 restrictions were removed we were finally able to host our annual partner event again! During the Planacy Partner Summit 2022 we look forward to the coming year, but also backwards to pay tribute to the partners who excelled a little bit more than everyone else in 2021. This year we handed out awards for the 2021 Customer Deal of the year, Growth Partner of the year, Partner Consultant of the year, and last but not least – Partner of the year. Below you’ll find this the winners and motivations for the awards.


The Winners of 2021

Customer Deal of the Year – Kristoffer Gustavsson for Elajo

Stubbornly, this person has worked persistently during the year in both tail- and (some) headwinds. More deals have been closed than lost and some of the new customers are, or will be, great references. Like Elajo Invest – a deal that made the 2021 Customer Deal of the Year go to Kristoffer Gustavsson at Exsitec!


Growth Partner of the Year – Climber

With a competent team and satisfying results over the year, this partner has continued to show an attractive growth of almost 100%, while consistently maintaining the highest average ACV of all partners. For the second year in a row, the 2021 Growth Partner of the Year went to Climber!


Partner Consultant of the Year – Stina Erlands

With a positive attitude, she constantly acts exemplary with clear bug and improvement reports as well as excellent input to the further development of product and modules. She also delivers a very appreciated and high value for her customers. Together with us, she has also – with hard work – managed to establish a strong offer for cash flow forecasting. The 2021 Partner Consultant of the Year therefore went to Stina Erlands at Exsitec!

Partner of the Year – Exsitec

From market and sales to delivery and customer care, this partner has – with an impressive breadth and strength – continued to deliver both quantity and quality. During 2021, two have become one and with a focus on customer value, this partner continues to expand its existing customer base at the same time as they grow with new fine accounts. The 2021 Partner of the Year award went to Exsitec!

We’d like to take the opportunity to extend a big thank you to all partners for their efforts in 2021 – now we look ahead and make 2022 even better!

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