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Our Partners are incredibly valuable to us. They’re significant contributors to our success and the fact that we’ve become a market leader within our segment. Every year we arrange a partner event to acknowledge this and to celebrate our mutual success and the partners who have evolved and stood out a little bit extra during the last year. This year’s event took place on the 30th of March at TAK in Stockholm. 

In 2021 we complemented our business with our own sale and delivery offer. By doing so, we increased our growth significantly in 2022 and our recurring revenue by close to 50%. Together with our partners, who contribute with both competence and broad knowledge of different systems and industries, we’ve created a strong offer for the entire market. We look forward to continuing to develop this together.    

"We love our partners, and we see a great value in working together to transform the work with financial planning to become a more data-driven and value-creating processes. Celebrating our successes and what we’ve accomplished together during the last year is always one of the year’s highlights.”

– Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO at Planacy

This years winner's of Planacy Partner Awards

Customer Deal of the Year 2022 - Lars Sjögren, Solita Sweden 

With stubbornness and great endurance in multiple contract discussions, they got the job done and closed the biggest sale of the year. This was a teamwork led by Lars Sjögren. The Customer Deal of the Year 2022 goes to Solita Sweden.   

Planacy Partners of the Year 2022 consultant

Partner Consultant of the Year 2022 – Stina Erlands, Exsitec   

This winner is an important player that has become even more important during the last year. With hard work and a positive attitude, she continues to contribute with excellent customer solutions and to strengthen the product with valuable input through her role as an architect. The Partner Consultant of the Year 2022 goes, for the second year in a row, to Stina Erlands at Exsitec.    

Growth Partner of the Year 2022 – Business Vision   

With excellent knowledge about financial planning, this winner has continued to create and drive new discussions on their own in a very trustworthy way. The year came to an impressive end when they reached a strong growth of nearly 200%. The Growth Partner of the Year 2022 goes to Business Vision.    

Planacy Partners of the Year 2022 Growth
Planacy Partners of the Year 2022

Partner of the Year 2022 – Exsitec   

Challenges are meant to be overcome. With great competence and a strong belief in their ability to sell and deliver, they’ve continued to scale up their business. They’ve expanded both their client base as well as current customers, at the same time as they’ve trained more new consultants than anyone else. Once again, they’ve shown who runs the show. The Partner of the Year 2022 goes to none other than Exsitec.    

We want to thank all of our Partners for everything we accomplished during 2022. In 2023 we’ll continue to develop our product and strengthen our market positions.    

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