Planacy and PE Accounting enter a partnership to provide a powerful offering within automated accounting and financial planning   

PE Accounting offers a comprehensive system in combination with an outsourced economy function, with one of the market's highest degrees of automation. Their customers are often fast-growing businesses and, together with Planacy, the two companies will develop an integrated offer for both automated accounting and data-driven budgeting and forecasting.  

Together we have a strong offer for fast growing companies. PE with their high degree of automation and Planacy with our powerful platform that enables a more data-driven and strategic work within financial forecasting. PE Accounting was therefore the obvious choice for a first partner within economic systems. We already have multiple shared customers, and we look forward to developing our combined offer and thus welcome more customers," says Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO at Planacy.  

The integration allows the customer to quickly create new forecasts in Planacy, with automatically collected accounting-, product- and staff data from PE Accounting. This means that businesses can work more continuously and with rolling forecasts. Planacy also enable the possibility to delegate the forecasting in the own business. Consequently, the engagement and accountability with the company's financial goals and forecasts increase.   

"Planacy is a fantastic complement to PE Accounting's report and budget functions, say Pontus Björnsson," CEO at PE Accounting. "With the Planacy integration, we could offer our customers an extremely powerful forecasting and budget tool for more customised management of their financial planning."

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About PE Accounting

PE Accounting gives you complete control over your economy in real-time. It replaces consulting systems, accounting programs, salary programs, repetitive tasks, and hourly paid accounting firms. As a customer, you both get a business system with the market's highest degree of automation and a competent finance team to help whenever you need a helping hand. We call this "tech with a human touch."

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About Planacy

Planacy was founded in 2015 and is a Swedish SaaS company. The business focus on simplifying data-driven and continuous work with financial planning. Planacy contributes to better planned and more successful companies and businesses through proactive and value-adding work with budget, forecast and planning. The company has an innovative and powerful platform with over 130 customers. Planacy has established itself as a market-leading platform for data-driven budget, forecasting and planning.


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