We're now releasing Planacy 4.0 – Med kraftfull, innovativ och värdeskapande funktionalitet 

After an intense development period, we are now happy to announce the release of Planacy 4.0! Planacy 4.0 is an extensive release with many news and updates that will simplify both administration, implementation as well as the configuration of the platform. We’ve also added new and powerful features in the input templates for end users.

Among other things, the release includes a redesigned and updated administrative interface with greatly enhanced user- and access management. Also, a simplified and more flexible scenario management – now, you only need a few clicks to create new budget and forecasting rounds. We’ve also added an updated email feature to streamline the process.

In Planacy 4.0, the configuration of input templates offers a high degree of new and updated possibilities. You can create templates with better overview, that are more graphic and offer more support to the user. The new templates also include a feature for locking cells on an aggregated level, with a possibility to redistribute underlying values without it changing the locked level!

A big focus for all of our releases is, of course, to improve performance for customers with a lot of data and multiple templates. We’ve also developed the editor for drivers to be able to handle multiple complex drivers and calculations in a simple and manageable way.

All in all, we dare say that the release for Planacy 4.0 and the power of the platform brings us one step closer to our goal.

Contact us today and we’ll tell you more about Planacy and the new features of the platform.

Are you already a Planacy customer? Please contact your Planacy partner to get more info about the release.

P.S. The release also includes several new features and improvments for our Planacy partners which will help streamline implementation and configuration.

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