The fastest and most powerful version yet

We are very proud to introduce the release of Planacy 5.0 – our fastest and most powerful version yet. This release brings a number of improvements; among other things, we have expanded the support for advanced drivers to simplify customization of complex regulations and processes. We have optimized the user interface for users and administrators and also simplified the management and creation of new forecasts.


  • Optimized user-interface

  • Streamlined management

  • Increased support for advanced and powerful drivers

Customizable P&L module

In addition to the improvements above it is now possible to complement current P&L templates with a statement lineup containing KPI measurements such as gross margin, EBITDA margins etc. The module also offers increase opportunities to easily make top-down adjustments in the forecast.

Module for balance sheet and cash flow

We have also created a customizable module that seamlessly connects with revenue and cost budgeting and automatically gives you a continuously updated cash flow. The module thus enables you to work more frequently with optimizing your liquidity in a simple way.

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