"Planacy's dynamic planning tool is highly relevant"

After the successful new shares issue during the fall of 2020, Planacy strengthens the company’s board by appointing Stina Treven as chairman of the board. Treven will bring a lot of valuable knowledge to the company’s continued growth.

”We are extremely happy to get Stina on the board of directors, especially since she has a broad background and a lot of experience from rapidly growing companies. Stina broadens the expertise in the room and with her as chairman, we can increase our focus on smart expansion and scalable growth”, says Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO of Planacy.


Mattias Nilsson, Planacy’s previous chairman, representative of the company’s biggest investor MBI Intressenter and founder of Millnet BI, will remain on the board when Stina Treven takes over the role as chairman. Stina has a very broad background and long experience of leadership in the business world both as CEO and member of various boards. Today she sits on the board of Agricam, Precio Fishbone and Isolve, among others.

”I’m really looking forward to contributing with my experience on what’s important to succeed in the phase Planacy is in right now – we have a well-functioning product that’s highly relevant and need to scale up commercially. The key is to have a well thought out strategy, a good understanding of day-to-day operations within the business, and to stay close to the customers and the market”, says Stina Treven.

Treven is used to working with entrepreneurial companies with recurring revenue as a business model and she has successfully expanded companies internationally. She sees great potential both in Planacy’s product and business model.

“An agile approach to strategic and financial work is very important, especially in the rapidly changing world in which we live in. You have to look ahead but be flexible and able to adapt. Therefore, I believe that the need for a simple, qualitative and dynamic planning tool will only increase in the future. Planacy is extremely relevant today and it's time to really gear up and get this out there. How we’re going to do this is an important strategic question and my main focus”, Treven explains.

Last fall, Planacy carried out a record new shares issue together with the investment platform Pepins, and despite some market turmoil in 2020, Planacy is showing strong growth of over 40% of its recurring revenues.

”We’re not only grateful for our growth last year, but also our low churn, high customer satisfaction and the fact that the importance of our platform has increased. More and more companies understand the value of becoming more data-driven and working continuously with their financial planning to optimize their business. We have taken a strong position on the market and Stina enables us to strengthen this position further”, Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård says.

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