It’s finally time! Today we release this year’s edition of our annual report, The State of Corporate Financial Planning – a mapping, analysis and trend sourcing of Swedish companies and organisations work with financial planning. The report aims to give Finance departments the necessary data points and knowledge to develop and optimise their financial planning processes for the future.   

The report clearly shows that the area for financial planning has changed during the last quite turbulent years. Rapid environmental changes and macroeconomic factors have relieved each other, which has impacted companies and organisations. In a short time, companies have had to handle both a pandemic, war and inflation – all of these factors contribute to the world and the conditions changing quicker than before.   

These significant and continuous changes have led to more than 82% of the respondents experiencing the demand for working more frequently with forecasts has increased during the last three years. We also notice that the time spent on cash flow has increased significantly since last year. The survey shows that 69% of Swedish companies feel they need a continuously updated cash flow, in contrast to the previous year’s 37%. At the same time, only 51% of the respondents state that they know their future cash flow well.   

In this year’s edition of The State of Corporate Financial Planning, you’ll learn:   

  • Current trends and how they might affect the future of financial planning  
  • Which forecasting horizon you should consider to receive the highest possible quality of your work
  • How many working with a traditional budgeting  
  • How to increase engagement within the financial planning processes  
  • Recommendations for how to succeed with this work  
The State of Corporate Financial Planning

Download the report to take part of the entire analysis with data points and trends

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About the report

The State of Corporate Financial Planning illustrates how companies and finance departments have customised their work after the last years changed environmental demands, how to create a foundation for better decision-making, and how companies succeed and fail – with their financial planning processes. The report also highlights what the future of financial planning looks like. 

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