Finally, the time has come! We are releasing this year's edition of the report "The State of Corporate Financial Planning" – a survey, analysis, and trendspotting of the financial planning (FP&A) work in Swedish companies.

In the 2024 report, as many as 49% of the respondents who still do not have system for budget, forecast, and planning indicate that they plan to implement it within the coming years. The same number was 36% in 2021. Read more about this and see how Swedish companies work with financial planning has developed over the years in this year's report. 


In this years edition of The State of Corporate Financial Planning you'll learn more about: 

  • How other companies succeed - and fail - in their financial planning
  • The importance of working with automation and predictive forecasting
  • How to increase ownership and engagement in the business
  • Current trends that will affect the future of financial planning

Download the report to learn more data points and trends


About the report

The State of Corporate Financial Planning illustrerar hur man som företag och finance-avdelning har anpassat sig efter de förändrade omvärldskraven, hur man skapar en grund för bättre beslutsfattande samt hur företag lyckas – och misslyckas med sina finansiella planerings processer, men också hur framtiden för finansiell planering ser ut.  

The purpose of the report is to provide the finance department of Swedish companies with the data points and knowledge required to optimise their financial planning processes for the future.

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