This years report of how Swedish companies and businesses work with financial planning

We're finally releasing the report The State of Corporate Financial Planning (only in Swedish) where we've mapped and anlayzed Swedish companies and businesses work with financial planning – today and in the future. The aim of the report is to offer the knowledge necessary for Swedish financial departments to be able to influence, move, develop and optimize the financial management. 

The report clearly shows that the area of financial planning and management has changed in recent years: the work has become even more important and more and more businesses are making investments to streamline and optimize their processes. The work with financial planning has gone from largely being a “political” product to being an increasingly important part of the financial as well as the operational management, which means that the demands on the finance department have increased.

The State of Corporate Financial Planning illustrates how companies and their financial departments have adapted to the changing requirements, how they have taken on challenges, and taken advantage of opportunities to achieve more optimized financial planning and governance. The report also provides a picture of what the future has to offer in the area of financial planning.

In The State of Corporate Financial Planning you'll learn:

  • How leading companies generate higher engagement for the financial planning
  • What it takes to generate higher quality and accountability for the work with financial planning
  • The importance of working driver-based and frequently with your financial planning
  • How many companies that work with rolling forecasts and what effect that has
  • The importance of a continuously updated cash flow
  • The importance of – and obstacles for – investing in the right systems
  • Current trends that enables better planned businesses

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Only in Swedish

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