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We have a large and ever-growing network of partners who share our passion for helping companies work in a more efficient and data-driven way with their financial planning. Read more about how Planacy can help you and your customers, as well as which partner model might suit you best. You can also book a meeting to discuss future collaboration.  

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A market-leading system

Planacy is the leading system for budgeting, forecasting, and planning in the Scandinavian market. Together with our partners, we make planning processes more efficient for over 140 middle-sized to large companies in different industries. 

Our vision is to help companies work proactively and have a more extended look ahead by making the budgeting, forecasting and planning work more straightforward and more value-adding. We are always open to welcoming more progressive companies who share our vision to become part of the Planacys partner network.   


Why Partners love Planacy 


A great demand for the solution 

Planacy is the market-leading financial planning solution in the Nordic and is used by more than 180 middle-sized to large scale-up companies in order to scale up their planning processes. The platform is designed to handle a complex and evolving reality and can easily and time efficiently be customised for different businesses, processes, and needs. 

Long customer relations 

With 96% satisfied customers and a high degree of license renewals, you help the customer get a solution that they both will be happy with and which works long term. This creates possibilities for you to deepen your relationship with your customers. This way, you can broaden your business and secure your role as a trusted advisor.  

A close and valued partner relation 

Planacy values our partners highly, and we consider our partner network an essential part of our future success. In a partnership, we will support you and make sure that you get as much use of our relationship as possible.    

Which partner program suits you best? 

Referral Partner


This partnership suits companies with a close relationship with the Finance department at companies and who want to help them get better support for data-driven planning. You send qualified leads to us, and then we take the lead on the Planacy dialogue with the customer. You could be as involved as you wish. If there’s a deal, you will get compensation either on a recurring or one-time basis, based on your preferences. 


Solution Partner


A solution partnership suits companies who have or want to get more profound knowledge in the budgeting and planning area and who have an organisation with experience within both operational and technical dialogues from customers. We’ll teach your organisation how to sell, market, deliver and support Planacy and then support you in our joint journey. In this partnership, you own the relationship with the customer and get a recurring commission while selling Planacy.  


Software Partner


Is your company offering software where you can see the value in your customers having a modern and flexible solution that works with financial planning? In that case, our Software partnership might suit you! We create a combined offer to deliver more value for the customer together than either of us can do separately. This enables a bigger potential market for your solution that becomes more central for the customer and secures a longer relationship with your customers.  


Frequently Asked Questions  


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