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5 reasons to choose Planacy 

Not convinced that Planacy's platform for financial planning is the best solution for you? Here's 5 reasons why you should choose Planacy to future proof your financial planning and analysis.

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1. Save time with automation

You no longer have to bother with boring and time-consuming tasks. Minimise manual tasks with comprehensive integrations, simple set-up of new forecasts and alternative scenarios, as well as automatic reporting of forecasts and P&L.

2. Increase quality and security

With Planacy, you don't have to wonder if you're really working in the right file or if someone changed a formula somewhere. With clear workflows adapted to your business and role-based security, you increase the quality of the work and the security of the numbers – all to be able to make better and faster decisions!

3. Improve engagement and collaboration

With Planacy, it's easy to decentralise the planning process and get input from the business. By continuously working with concepts that are familiar to the users, you increase commitment, ownership and understanding of the forecasts made.

4. Snabb implementation och hög kundnöjdhet

With Planacy, you can expect safe and fast onboarding. Thanks to our powerful modules and customizable platform, the implementation can be completed quickly and smoothly. With close to 200 customers from various industries and documented high customer satisfaction at you will not only have a new sense of security in your numbers, but also feel secure in your solution and investment.

5. Seamless integrations and connectors

Planacy can for example be integrated with Excel, Google Sheets, your ERP or the markets leading business intelligence platforms, so you can start working data-driven to maximise the value of your investment with an unbeatable ROI! View all integrations here



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CEO & Financial Planning Geek


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