Data-driven financial planning  

Powerful modules for driver-based forecasting  

With a unique architecture is Planacy, an innovative platform for driver-based budget and forecast processes. Increase the engagement in the processes and accountability over the forecasts.   


Future-proof your financial planning 

- Powerful best-practice-planning modules  

Our reliable and configurable best-practice modules for the most common financial planning processes and forecasting methods minimise the time put into implementation and maintenance. With a unique architecture and customisable modules, Planacy is completely implemented to suit your organisation in just a couple of weeks. This gives you access to a platform where you can gradually grow through additional processes that simplifies and streamlines your driver-based forecasting work.   

Increase the engagement and accountability 

By working driver-based, you increase engagement and accountability over the financial goals and forecasts – a key factor for a more value-creating financial planning. Our powerful modules simplify the work and contribute to more automated and data-driven processes of higher quality where everybody involved gets a better understanding of what drives revenue, costs, and results.  

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A transparent and customisable workflow  

In Planacy, you, as admin, control what access every user has and when they have access to certain parts. You get a higher degree of data security at the same time as you get increased control over the process with our driver-based modules.   

Get started in 5-8 weeks  

With our modules and unique platform architecture, you’ll get started with automated and driver-based forecasting in 5-8 weeks.   

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5 tips!

Why should you work driver-based, and how do you get started? Take part of this article where we list five tips on how to start working driver-based  

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Get in touch today!  

Getting started with Planacy doesn’t need to be a big project. Make contact with us today and start a discussion with our specialists about how to modernise your financial planning.   

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