Balance Sheet & Cash Flow

A Unique Solution for Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Forecast

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Continuously Updated

Planacy offer a unique solution for balance sheet and cash flow (liquidity) forecasts. If you adjust your budget or forecast, the forecasted cash flow is updated automatically based on a set of rules that can easily be adapted to suit your business.

Balance Sheet

Often, not enough time is spent on budgeting and updating the forecast of the balance sheet. In Planacy you can get an automatically updated balance sheet that is seamlessly connected to all processes.

Cash Flow Forecast

With an updated balance sheet, you’re only one step away from having a constantly updated forecast of cash flow. You can define and manage the regulations in a simple administrative interface. All changes in your budget or forecast will give you an updated liquidity forecast.

Optimized Liquidity Forecast

In Planacy, you can work with a detailed and regularly updated liquidity forecast to optimize your liquidity – and thus ensure that capital is not unnecessarily tied up.

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