Contract Budgeting

Better Overview & Management of Contracts

  • Categorize & periodize
  • Manage contract type & length
  • Driver-based

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Simplify Contract Management With Planacy

A common challenge regarding contract forecasting is to get a sufficiently clear overview and correct accrual, especially if you have different types of contracts and contracts with different durations. Planacy’s driver-based contract budgeting gives you a clear overview and simplifies forecasting. You can categorize and define your contracts based on contract type, contract duration, etc.

Get a More Detailed Forecast

Planacy can manage several different types of contract forecasts, such as facility lease contracts, contracts for systems, legal contracts, etc. With a system for budgeting and forecasting, you will save time while getting a more detailed forecast of your contracts.

To the left is an example of how you can manage store lease contracts in Planacy.

Simplify Management With Lists

Regardless of the type of contract you're forecasting, in Planacy it's easy to set up lists of contract types, input for facility leases, index listing and the like. You can simplify forecasting and get better precision by setting up in which month the cost originated and/or how it should be periodized. If the contracts, for example, are revenue based you can even set up a calculation for these with the help of Planacy’s powerful drivers.

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